Town Council Resolutions

The Town will be posting Resolutions here for easy reference. Resolutions prior to January 1, 2018 can be found in the Town Council Agendas and Minutes section of our website as a document with the respective meeting.

Resolution # Title Summary
2023-R-19 FY24 Projects Plan
2023-R-18 FY24 Budgets and Tax Rates
2023-R-17 Tax Rate Form PT-800
2023-R-16 Interlocal Agreement for CDBG and HUD
2023-R-15 Ethical Behavior and Conflict of Interest Disclosure
2023-R-14 Fee Schedule
2023-R-13 Sewer Rates
2023-R-12 Water Rates
2023-R-11 FY24 Projects Plan
2023-R-10 FY24 Alta Special Service District Budget and Tax Rate
2023-R-9 FY24 Tentative Budget
2023-R-8 FY23 Year End Budgets
2023-R-7 Fireworks
2023-R-6 Planning Commission Appointments
2023-R-5 Honoring Public Safety Personnel
2023-R-4 Repealing and replacing the Town’s fee schedule
2023-R-3 Authorizing the number of dog licenses, fees, and a drawing
2023-R-2 Planning Commission Appointments – Postponed until April 12 Meeting
2023-R-1 Authorizing the Extension and Amendment of the Interlocal Service Agreement Between the Town of Alta and Salt Lake County Service Area #3
Resolution # Title Summary
2022-R-21 Electronic Meeting Policy
2022-R-20 Amending the 2022-2023 Fiscal Budgets
2022-R-19 Rules of Procedure for Alta Town Council Meetings
2022-R-18 Repealing and replacing the Town’s fee schedule
2022-R-17 Amending the Water Budget for FY 2022/23
2022-R-16 Fee Schedule
2022-R-15 Sewer Rates
2022-R-14 Water Rates
2022-R-13 Alta Special Service District and Certified Tax Rate
2022-R-12 FY 23 Budget
2022-R-11 FY 22 Year-End Budget
2022-R-10 Voided
2022-R-9 Appointing Treasurer and Reappointing Existing Town Officers
2022-R-8 Alta Fireworks Resolution w exhibits
2022-R-7 Authorizing the termination of the health reimbursement plan
2022-R-6 Repealing and replacing the Town’s fee schedule
2022-R-5 Authorizing the number of dog licenses, fees, and a drawing
2022-R-4 Adopting the Alta Community Flag
2022-R-3 Authorizing signers on Zions Bank accounts
2022-R-2 Authorizing individuals to make changes to PTIF accounts (waiting notary)
2022-R-1 Utah Public Treasurers’ Investment Fund Entity Resolution
Resolution # Title Summary
2021-R-19 Amending budgets for the 2021-2022
2021-R-18 Repeal Replace Fee Schedule
2021-R-17 No Olympics in Little Cottonwood Canyon
2021-R-16 Repeal and Replace Fee Schedule
2021-R-15 Repeal and Replace Fee Schedule
2021-R-14 Didn’t Pass
2021-R-13 Correct and Replace Resolution setting Water Rates
2021-R-12 2021-2022 Certified Tax Rate
2021-R-11 Alta Special Service District Budget & Certified Tax Rate
2021-R-10 Budgets for 2021-2022 Certified Tax Rate
2021-R-9 Water Rates
2021-R-8 Amending 2020-2021 Budgets
2021-R-7 Procurement Policy
2021-R-6 Dog Licenses
2021-R-5 ILA Community Renewable Energy Program
2021-R-4 Honoring Our Public Safety Professionals
2021-R-3 CPACE
2021-R-2 Amending budgets 2020-2021
2021-R-1 ILA with Service Area #3
Resolution # Title Summary
2020-R-1 Amending the FY 2019-2020 Budgets for the Town of Alta
2020-R-2 never voted on
2020-R-3 Honoring Public Safety & Professionals in Storm of Feb 5-8, 2020
2020-R-4 Dog Licenses
2020-R-5 Extending the State of Emergency
2020-R-6 Declaring Intent to Adjust UFSA Boundary
2020-R-7 Dog Licenses (amending/replacing 2020-R-4 in its entirety)
2020-R-8 Resolution Extending State of Emergency – Regarding COVID-19
2020-R-9 Central Wasatch Commission Interlocal Agreement
2020-R-10 Did Not Pass: Imposition of additional .1% Resort Communities Sales Tax
2020-R-11 Boundary Adjustment between UFSA and Town of Alta
2020-R-12 Resolution Extending State of Emergency (COVID-19)
2020-R-13 Resolution amending 2019-2020 Budgets
2020-R-14 # not used
2020-R-15 Resolution Adopting 2020-2021 Budgets
2020-R-16 Resolution Alta Special Service District Budget and Certified Tax Rate
2020-R-17 Resolution Amending Water Rates
2020-R-18 Resolution Correction of 2020-2021 CTR only w Exhibit A
2020-R-19 Resolution Adopting SL County Hazard Mitigation Plan
2020-R-20 Resolution Adopting Salt Lake County ILA relating to CDBG Program