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Public Hearing

May 25, 2021

The Alta Town Council will hold a public hearing to receive comments and questions regarding the TENTATIVE 2021-2022 Fiscal Budgets (General Fund and Sewer and Water Enterprise Funds) and the Certified Tax Rate for the Town of Alta.

Following the public hearing on the proposed 2021-2022 Fiscal Budgets, the Alta Town Council will hold a public hearing to receive comments and questions regarding the proposed amendments to the 2020-2021 Fiscal Budgets.

Both hearings will be held virtually on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 at 4:00 P.M. with live viewing details to be announced on the Town’s website at www.townofalta.com

Questions regarding the proposed 2021-2022 Fiscal Budgets or the proposed amendments to the 2020-2021 Fiscal Budgets may be directed to Piper Lever, Town Clerk, P.O. Box 8016, Alta, Utah 84092, by calling 385-449-1887 or by email to plever@townofalta.com. The deadline for submittal of written comments is 3:00 pm on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Alta Clinic Vaccine

May 4, 2021

Are you or someone you know looking to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

The Alta Clinic has a limited number of Moderna doses and is looking for individuals to sign up. This week they will be vaccinating people:

Friday May 7 from 9-5 pm
Saturday May 8 from 9-5pm (or later by request)

Sign up here to get vaccinated at the Alta Clinic.


Unveiling of Alta Community Center Feasibility Study by Ennead Architects

April 20, 2021

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The Town of Alta is excited to share the results of the commissioned feasibility study and draft design of our new community center, designed by Ennead Architects. We are as proud of the beautiful primary and alternate designs they developed, as we are of the collaborative community process that got us here, all conducted remotely during the pandemic, and structured to incorporate as many voices as possible so that the resulting center will serve the various needs of everyone in Alta.

We would be honored if you joined us remotely. If not, we hope you will be able to view the recorded event. Either way, please share your thoughts.

~Mayor Sondak

Event Details
Unveiling the Alta Community Center Feasibility Study by Ennead Architects
April 21, 2021 from 5-6pm MDT

Vaccine Eligibility Update

February 25, 2021

The State of Utah is expanding access to COVID-19 vaccine to individuals under 50 years old and individuals with qualifying underlying medical conditions. Visit the Salt Lake County Health Department website to learn more about the timeline of this eligibility, the list of qualifying medical conditions, and to schedule an appointment.

The Salt Lake County Health Department launched a new website at https://thisisourshot.com/ as part of its drive to promote COVID-19 vaccine availability and encourage eligible residents to recieve the vaccine.

Salt Lake County to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine to Residents Over 70 Years Old

January 12, 2021

If you are a K-12 teacher or a Utahn age 70 or older, call the Salt Lake County Health Department at 385-468-4100 on Wednesday, January 13th at 8 AM or visit https://slco.org/health/COVID-19/vaccine/ to request an appointment for January 19th-23rd. Appointments will be limited to available doses and more appointments will be available as the Health Department recieves more vaccine. Visit https://slco.org/health/COVID-19/vaccine/ for more information about the vaccine and this vaccination program.

COVID-19 vaccine availability and accessibility is evolving rapidly as of mid-January 2021. The Town of Alta will provide updates as we learn more.