Crucial Information

Please be aware that due to limited space and snow removal issues in the winter, we have parking regulations that are strictly enforced. So take notice of where you park, look around for parking signs and check with someone who knows before you leave your vehicle. Parking is regulated in the summer as well, although the problems are usually along the Summer Road in Albion Basin and concern parking on plants or not leaving enough space for traffic flow. Please make sure you are informed of the regulations and be considerate of others when parking in Albion Basin.

Due to Alta’s unique setting in a high-quality watershed area, we need your help to ensure Alta remains as pristine and pure tomorrow as it was yesterday.

  • Dogs and horses are prohibited.
  • Swimming is not permitted.
  • Camping is not allowed within a half mile of any road or 200 yards of any water source.*
  • Campfires are not permitted.*
  • Please drive or walk only on designated roads and trails.
  • Removal or damage of plant life is prohibited.

* – except in Tanner’s Flat or Albion Basin Campground