November 6, 2019

Certified Election Results:

Sheridan J. Davis                       77

Elise D. Morgan                          69

Rowan Bodhi Lenches-Jhamb    29

September 12, 2019

Unified Fire Authority is bringing a wood chipper to Alta between September 16 and 19, to help property owners reduce wildland fire hazard by chipping fuel material gathered from around structures and stacked according the certain guidelines. For information about how to mitigate hazardous fuels, and how to stack piles of material for chipping, click here for a brochure. If you would like to participate, your pile must be assembled by September 15th. Please contact Chris Cawley in the town office if you have questions.

August 9, 2019

Late in the evening on August 8th, a severe thunderstorm impacted Little Cottonwood Canyon, resulting in several large mudflows, damage to SR 210, and a prolonged road closure. The most heavily impacted portion of the canyon is below Snowbird. As of Friday afternoon, opportunities for uphill and downhill vehicle travel in the canyon will be limited, in order to provide crews opportunities to remove debris and repair damaged infrastructure. SR-210 will be open for uphill traffic from 5-530 PM, and it will be open for downhill traffic from 530-6 PM. For real-time updates to the SR 210 road status, follow @altacentral or @canyonalerts on Twitter.

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