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August 6, 2020

Unified Fire Authority “Chipper Day” Week of August 10th

The Unified Fire Authority (UFA) Wildland Fire Fuels Crew will be in Alta the week of August 10th to provide the services of a woodchipper to process piles of excess wildfire fuels collected from properties in Alta. Property owners must notify Chris Cawley at Ccawley@townofalta.com that they will have a pile for chipping, and the pile must be ready for chipping by 7 AM on Monday August 10th. Click here for a brochure from the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands with instructions for how to build piles; please note that UFA’s chipper can process logs up to 15″ in diameter. Click here for a brochure from UFA with instructions for preparing your property for wildfires, and a QR code you can use to track hours you’ve spent mitigating fire hazard on your property; this can help the Town apply for hazard mitigation grant funding.

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