Alta Dog Program – Licensing

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Dog Licensing in Alta

Any dog found within the boundaries of the Town must be licensed by the Town per Ordinance 5-2-3: Animal Control.

2019 Alta Temporary Dog Permit Application

License Fees:
Watershed tag $25 (one-time fee); annual dog license $125; annual license for spayed or neutered dog $100 (no dog will be licensed as spayed or neutered without proof that sterilization was performed); Class D temporary dog license (authorization letter) issued for 14 days or less $50; and Class D temporary dog license (authorization letter) issued for more than 14 days shall be $100. The Mayor shall have discretion to waive fees for Class D licenses in whole or in part for cause shown as the Mayor deems reasonable.

March 19, 2019 – Alta Dog Program Update:
Annually, the Town Council reviews the number of dog licenses to be assigned, the fees to be charged, and to authorize a drawing if applicable. In short, on March 19th the Town Council took action to authorize a drawing on May 1, 2019 at noon for 6 Class A licenses and 1 Class B license, those who have qualified for entry into the drawing are encouraged to attend.

Class A  – 27   (21 assigned / 6 unassigned)
Class B – 44    (43 assigned / 1 unassigned)
Class C – 14    (14 assigned)
Class D – 10

Instructions for applying to the May 1, 2019 drawing:
Eligible individuals must submit the application and required documents to the Town of Alta between April 1 and April 30, 2019 by 5pm. To submit via email, please send to Jen Clancy at  or call with questions at 801-742-6011. Please be sure to indicate which license class you are submitting for and include the required qualification information per that class. Documentation includes proof that the applicant qualifies for the Class A or Class B license per the classification requirements established in section 5-2-3: Dog Licensing of the Animal Control Ordinance.

May 1, 2019 Dog Drawing Application – (only for new applicants, existing license holders need not apply)

Proof of eligibility: The following information is being posted to guide you in meeting ordinance requirements for each respective class of license. It is not intended to be limiting or all encompassing of the types of documents that may be submitted to prove eligibility.

For Class A: There are 2 qualification requirements you need to submit: 1) You may request a voter ID card or Voter Certificate (proving residency) by  contacting the Salt Lake County Election Division at 385-468-8683, and 2) to prove that you have lived in the Town at least six months you may submit utility bills or other documentation that shows both your current status and that as of 6months ago.

For Class B: A tax notice, closing statement from real estate purchase, or other document establishing ownership interest.