Alta Dog Program – Licensing

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Dog Licensing in Alta

Any dog found within the boundaries of the Town must be licensed by the Town per Ordinance 5-2-3: Animal Control. Regulations on licensing, renewals, applications, waste disposal, dogs on leash, reporting attacks etc. are also found in the ordinance. All Alta dog licensees shall agree to have read, understand, and willingly abide by these regulations.

Alta Temporary Dog License Application – Temporary dog license applications can be submitted up to 30 days (or less) in advance of the license request date.  Please time your requests accordingly. Submit applications to the Deputy Town Clerk at  or at the Town Office in person.

Alta Dog Program Class Numbers:
Annually, the Town Council reviews the number of dog licenses to be assigned, the fees to be charged, and to authorize a drawing if applicable. For more information about the classes refer to the animal control ordinance.

  • 27 – Class A – resident voter class
  • 44 – Class B – residential or commercial property interest
  • 14 – Class C – commuter class
  • 10 – Class D – temporary class

License Fees:

  • $125 Annual dog license
  • $100 Annual license for spayed or neutered dog
    • no dog will be licensed as spayed or neutered without proof that sterilization was performed
  • $100 Class D temporary dog license (authorization letter) issued for more than 14 days
  • $50 Class D temporary dog license (authorization letter) issued for 14 days or less
  • $25 Watershed tag (one-time fee for annual licenses)

The Mayor shall have discretion to waive fees for Class D licenses in whole or in part for cause shown as the Mayor deems reasonable.