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December 8, 2021

December 8th 2021 Update on Town of Alta Managed Parking

Since June of 2021, The Town of Alta has been working on a plan to manage parking during the 2021-2022 ski season in Alta. Please see below for an update on the situation. All details are subject to change:

–Please click here to read a mesage from Mayor Sondak about the status of the Town of Alta’s parking plan for the 2021-2022 ski season.

–The Alta Ski Area reservation program is set to go into effect on December 18th. A valid reservation will be required to park in ski area parking lots between 8 AM and 1 PM on weekends and defined holiday periods, including the period between December 23rd and January 23rd. Until then, public parking in Alta, including overnight parking, is occurring as it has in the past.

–The Town of Alta and Alta Ski Area did not reach agreement for Town of Alta-managed parking to occur on the Alta Ski Area US Forest Service special use permit. Overnight parking that has historically been allowed in the Grizzly Gulch area may be affected by this situation.

–Public parking areas outside the Alta Ski Area special use permit include the overnight parking area east of the Alta Post Office, overnight parking on the north side of SR 210 east of Our Lady of the Snows, and limited areas of day-use parking available along the SR-210 corridor. In total, about 95 spots are available in these areas for overnight use, and up to 62 spots are available for day use, subject to conditions including but not limited to accumulated snow or active snow removal operations. Click here to see a map that shows public parking areas in Alta that will remain outside the Alta Ski Area reservation program.

–The Town is considering whether to implement a version of the permit program it has been working to develop during the past 6 months given the likelihood that it may only be able to manage a more limited amount of parking. The Town has been working non-stop to understand its options to manage public parking in Alta during the 2021-2022 ski season. The Town will keep the community apprised of any changes to the status of public parking in Alta.

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