September 6, 2018
Message from the Mayor: September 2018

I learned growing up that it is the duty of each upstanding member of a community to act for the welfare of all – the Hebrew expression is tikkun olam: to heal the world. The Jewish holidays this month afford an opportunity to reflect on how one has done during the past year and to plan to do better for the next. One can always do better, as I was reminded while listening this morning to KUER’s Radio West, when the writer Jelani Cobb said that “Being good is most reasonably measured by the diligence and the tenacity and the sincerity with which we try to do the right thing, knowing we will fall short.”

Alta faces many challenges including population growth in Salt Lake County and the resulting transportation and land use pressures, and the overlapping jurisdictions present within our boundaries, which create complexity and frustration. Alta also can embrace many opportunities, especially by working cooperatively with our partner agencies. Some favorable examples are our new membership on the Central Wasatch Commission, the ZAP funding recently granted to ACE, our enhanced summer program, and improvements to our emergency services agreed to this spring by the Unified Fire Authority and Valley Emergency Communications.

In my first year as mayor, I have tried to do what is right and what serves our community. I know that some appreciate my efforts, but I know, too, that some are disappointed. It is traditional to ask individuals’ forgiveness for any harms or failures to help that one has contributed to during the year. To those who feel that I should have done more or different things, I ask for your forbearance. Going forward, I hope for your good will and await your good ideas.