January 6, 2017
From the Marshal’s Office: January, 2017

It has been a very snowy winter so far, and when it snows in Alta, especially when storms arrive one after another, it is critical to keep up with your own snow removal obligations. If you are a temporary or permanent resident of Alta and you own a vehicle parked in public parking areas, you are required by town ordinance to remove snow around your vehicle. Town of Alta Ordinance 6-1-3-E-1.f reads:

[It shall be unlawful to] Fail to remove snow from the surface of all motor vehicles parked on State Highway 210 within twelve (12) hours of any snowfall. In addition, within the same twelve (12) hour period, a path of at least two feet (2′) in width shall be cleared around any such parked vehicle in a manner which allows access to it. Snow shall be cleared off of a parked vehicle so that license plates can be clearly identified.

Cooperation with this ordinance allows vehicles to be identifiable, and it helps maximize the amount of overnight parking available in Alta. Failure to comply with this ordinance can result in a citation or vehicle impoundment. To read the town’s parking regulations in full, please click here and navigate to Title 6, Chapter 1.

It is also essential that fire hydrants in Alta remain well-cleared of snow at all times. If your home or business is adjacent to a fire hydrant, please incorporate snow removal around these hydrants into your larger snow removal routines and prioritize “shoveling out” these hydrants. The Town of Alta and Unified Fire Authority appreciate your partnership on this important matter.