April 12, 2017
Community Mental Health Resources

As many readers have heard by this point, the Alta community has endured a couple of traumatic incidents recently with the unexpected passing of two long-time canyon employees and community members. Alta residents, business operators and property owners, and seasonal and year-round employees should be aware that a variety of services are available throughout Salt Lake County for individuals in need of mental or behavioral health assistance:

–The Salt Lake County Behavioral Health website will connect individuals to a range of resources, including the 24 hour crisis line (801-587-3000). Crisis line personnel can assist individuals in arranging an assessment and treatment referral.

Valley Behavioral Health (801-566-4423) is a non-profit network of clinics providing treatment for behavioral issues, addictions, psychiatric conditions or other circumstances resulting from chronic lifelong issues or temporary conditions triggered by traumatic life events.

Optum Salt Lake County (877-370-8953) provides mental health services to individuals on Medicaid

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Salt Lake County (801-323-9900) provides free educational classes, support groups, community outreach, volunteering opportunities and more.

University of Utah Substance Abuse Assessment and Referral (801-587-2770) provides high-quality, objective substance abuse assessments and referrals for individuals with possible substance abuse problems, including DUI or substance abuse arrest assessments, loved one and family referrals, and employer or overseeing agency referrals.

–If you or someone you know needs assistance regarding any of these resources, or if you are an Alta business operator hoping to connect your employees to these resources, do not hesitate to contact Town of Alta staff at 801-742-3522.