June 12, 2017
Commercial Core Plan Implementation

Most of our newsletter readers will know that the the Town of Alta recently conducted a planning project focused on developing a more concrete vision for Alta’s “Commercial Core.” The Commercial Core Plan, which was finalized in December of 2016, established a short list of priorities for implementation. These priorities include: development of a new Town of Alta community center on land conveyed to the town by the US Forest Service; improvement of transit service and facilities to and in Alta, and improvement of pedestrian, bicycling, and other “active transportation” infrastructure in the commercial core.

The town is preparing to launch a follow-up project focused on planning and implementing improved active transportation infrastructure. Thanks to another grant from the Wasatch Front Regional Council/Salt Lake County Transportation-Land Use Connection Program, this project will be conducted by consultants led by Fehr & Peers, a transportation planning firm with decades of experience working in Little Cottonwood Canyon and around the Wasatch Front region. The goals of this project will include development of preliminary designs for infrastructure elements such as crosswalks, sidewalks, trails and trailheads, traffic features, and/or other projects, which the town can use to apply for grant funding and work with partners such as UDOT to implement in the near future.

As of early June, the town and its consultants are still developing a formal scope of work and planning a public engagement strategy for this project. Please contact Assistant Town Administrator Chris Cawley at Ccawley@townofalta.com or 801-742-6010 for more information about the project.