April 5, 2018
Meet Alta Town Council Member Sheridan Davis


“Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle mérite.” Every nation gets the government it deserves.”  Joseph de Maistre

Thank you for opportunity to work on behalf of the citizens of Alta in serving on the Alta Town Council. This role comes with many responsibilities and obligations. It is an honor to serve the Alta I know and love.

2018 will be my sixteenth year living and working in Alta year-round, and as a year-round resident, employee, and caretaker of an Alta property, I aspire to work on the council on behalf of all Alta citizens. In particular, I would like to be a voice for the employees of Alta businesses and those that live but perhaps do not own real estate in Alta. I am also a dog owner, a feminist, an environmentalist, and am employed by one of the five family owned lodges here in town as an Assistant Manager at the Rustler Lodge. In the past I have served on the Board of the Alta Historical Society and the Board of the Friends of Alta.

Like most of us here, I wear many hats to live, work and thrive in Alta. I think that brings strengths to the service I might offer working for the good of our town.

We are living in interesting times. The call to work for the health of our democracy is one I think all citizens should act on, now. My professional and academic background in theology, ministry, and financial management, as well as the many personal and business relationships created by living and working here in Alta may prove helpful in the effective governance of our town.

Democracy is an experiment. We create it with our participation. I look forward to the chance to participate in our great American experiment here in our Town of Alta. Thank you for allowing me to serve you. I welcome the chance to field any questions and concerns citizens may have in the days to come.


Sheridan Davis

“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.” Ida B. Wells-Barnett