December 24, 2021
12/24/2021 Town of Alta-Managed Parking Update

The Town of Alta and Alta Ski Area are preparing to offer parking permits that will be eligible for use in parking areas along the north side of SR 210. The Town and Alta Ski Area will offer a number of permits that is equivalent to the number parking spaces available within north side areas under each entity’s management.  Please click here for a map that shows north side parking areas.

Seasonal overnight permits:

    • Lodges will be allocated overnight permits for resident employees and other overnight uses that cannot be accommodated on-site.
    • Residential properties in Albion Basin, Grizzly Gulch, and West Grizzly Gulch/Emma Heights will be offered 1 seasonal overnight permit each. The allocation does not provide additional permits for residential buildings with multiple units. Caretaker units occupied by full time caretakers are eligible for 1 permit each.
    • A limited number of seasonal overnight permits will be allocated to other small businesses with overnight needs.
    • These permits will allow one vehicle at a time to be parked in north-side areas. Permit holders can associate multiple license plates at a time with each permit.
    • Additional permit types that allow a permit holder to bring more vehicles to Alta at a time will be available for residents, residential property owners, and lodges, as well as short-term, single-night reservations.

Day-use permits:

    • The Town and Alta Ski Area will offer a limited number of day-use permits to local businesses and other organizations including the lodges.

Early morning and weekend/holiday reservations will be available for parking on the “highway shoulder area”. Up to 30 reservations will be available to the public on the “highway shoulder area,” along the south side of SR 210 between the Deep Powder House and the Wildcat parking lot entrance. Reservations will be required between 6 AM and 8 AM weekdays, and between 6 AM and 1 PM on weekends, and defined holiday periods.

Overnight and day use permits will cost $250. Weekend/Holiday Reservations from 6 AM and 1PM on the highway shoulder will cost $25. Weekday Reservations from 6 AM to 8 AM on the highway shoulder will cost $15.

All permits and reservations will be purchased through Interstate Parking and authorized parties will be notified by Interstate Parking of how to purchase a permit.

A Town of Alta permit will not guarantee a parking space is available, although permit allocations are matched to the number of available spaces. Accumulated snow on parking areas may affect parking availability.

Time of day restrictions will continue to be enforced consistently with signage in place in north side parking areas.

Permits will be required beginning on December 27th.