Marshal’s Office

The Alta Marshal’s Office is the law enforcement agency for the Town of Alta and can be reached for non-emergencies at 801-742-3522 and by dialing 911 in emergencies. Our email address is

We are often asked about the term “Marshal”. Utah statutes dictate that police departments be classified by the population they serve. Counties have Sheriff’s Departments, cities have police departments, and incorporated towns may appoint a Town Marshal. We are proud to be one of the few remaining agencies in Utah designated as such.

The Marshal’s Office works closely with Salt Lake County’s Unified Police Department Canyon Patrol who provides law enforcement services in the unincorporated areas of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Major incidents, highway avalanche control, and search and rescue calls are often responded to jointly by both agencies. The Unified Police non-emergency telephone number is 801-743-7000.

Please contact us any time of day if you are in need of assistance and to report suspicious activity.

In accordance with UCA 53-13-114 and UCA 58-63-304, no sworn member of the Alta Marshal’s Office can engage in off duty employment as a security officer; without written authorization from the Town Marshal and without the off duty employer complying with state and federal income reporting & withholding requirements. Each request for employment of this nature will be reviewed by the Marshal and other Town of Alta staff as required with regard to insurance and indemnification issues, use of agency vehicles, equipment and uniforms.

In accordance with UCA 76-2-408, Police Agencies may not investigate themselves criminally in cases involving lethal force used by an officer or in custody deaths.  The law also stipulates posting of the agencies procedures via website.

The Marshal’s Office complies with this requirement by membership in a Salt Lake County wide inter-local agreement that establishes a Task Force to investigate these types of incidents.  The task force is comprised of teams staffed with investigators from various agencies to ensure no team investigates an agency that an investigator is employed with.  The task force protocol is invoked any time an officer employs lethal force or an in custody death occurs.


Officers are equipped for extreme conditions and varied terrain.